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Mary Anne Dress

Made in a vibrant denim blue changant taffeta with a silhouette not dissimilar to the look that was so popular during the times of Mary Antoinette. Tulle side panniers tied to the inside of the skirt has produced this effect which is flat at the front and wide at the hips which dramatically enhances the small waist.

The top is a separate garment with a contemporary twist to the 18th Century with vents in the side of the garment to allow for the skirt to flair out from the waist. The front is waist-coated and fastens with covered buttons and keyhole button holes that gives the appearance of a tailored garment. I decided to cover the front corset base to avoid any of the bones showing because I wanted the garment to be stripped down of detail instead of gilding the Lilly with bows, lace trim and fuss.

This wedding dress is aimed at the more adventurous bride who definitely does not follow the pack! Of course this style is available in ivory.

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