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Death of retail

I am writing my first blog singing the praises of the “long tail” and for the fashion orientated cyber cats out there; I will briefly explain without sending you into a catatonic state of boredom!

The long tail is actually a graph that explains that even the smallest of designers/entrepreneurs can potentially target specific customers/ markets.

You don’t have to be a big corporate industry anymore to gain the correct public attention.

This is the reason why I am very happy that the long tail exists!

People have asked me recently if I sell to any retail outlets.

Ask yourself “What’s the point in putting any more energy into a retail system which is dying?”

Bridal shops shops only re-stock twice a year during the fashion buying season.

To get an appointment without showing at London fashion week is impossible!

Not mentioning any names, but a designer friend of mine who has shown at London fashion week for 3 season snow has not received any orders from retail shops in the UK and the backers have put thousands of pounds into promoting her label putting on fashion shows.

It’s not a reflection of the amazing design that’s being produced.

It’s a reflection of the state of the retail industry.

Hence, singing the praises of a seriously slick website and Uber stylish fashion shoots.

(Which is considerably cheaper than putting a fashion show on.)

Tweeting and popping an advert on popular topical blog sites such as Rock ‘n Roll Bride seems the way to go!