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I am excited to say that I have the opportunity to meet the lovely Imogen Thomas and will be designing and making a sexy little bikini for her.

Imogen is the new face of slim sticks… the product that boasts the natural way to loose weight. I was getting prepared for the fitting when I could hear the house cat ‘Minky’ crying (in only a way a Siamese tabby point could!) She had decided to make a bid for freedom and jump out of the first floor window using a parasol to break her fall in true ninja stylee and then hurling herself at the door to get back up to me.I had no access to get her!

Buzzer rings…it’s Imogen who comes to my rescue or rather Minky’s rescue and helps me lower a picnic basket down with strings tied to the handles. In she jumped and we winched her to safety! Then she bit me! That’s gratitude for you!!