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Antibes Fashion Shoot

When blogging the subject should have a moral, a lesson or something interesting to say. Not just a boast! In this case it is a thank you.

Location: Antibes South of France the french riviera.
Courtesy: My man who won a long WE on luxury yacht Molly Malone for working very hard!
Capsule Collection: Designed by myself, consisting of six pieces (three out fits of separates.)
Worn by: Actress and friend Donna Grant
Photographed by Rik Young (Donna’s handsome and talented partner who happened to be a bit handy with his camera).

This was not supposed to be an official photo shoot but just bundled into my suitcase these three outfits (surprised to see how well they traveled!) Got up at 5 in the morning to cut the veil and Bob’s your Uncle. And I don’t mind the full tulle skirt looking more vintage without the full hooped underskirt.

Very happy with the result thank you everyone.