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Homage to Dita Von Tees’ Wedding Dress

Recently I made the Bird of Paradise dress as a sample for the Westwood couture label. (Took me a week!) Absolutely amazing dress! A corset based cleavage enhancing flowing gown in a fuchsia pink duchess with black random print.

This design HAD inspired me to make my shot taffeta Scarlett Dress a few years ago. It is similar in silhouette because it goes in at the waist and has a full skirt but it’s actually completely different in design and method of finish.

Many people have flattered me and compared my design to Dress Dita Von Tees’ wedding dress, a regal purple and blue changant taffeta beauty; the price of a luxury Jag! However, I can still boast the fact that I made the original corset base for the first fitting of her dress. Unfortunately I went into labour and I could not finish the project!

Update: Now Chloe Jasmine is doing so well on the XFactor I cannot resist bragging about this powerful image that ArtHakker captured of her modeling my Scarlett Dress at the Miss Aneila photo experience.