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Studio Shoot of the Capsule Collection

I have been been resigned to the fact for quite a while now that another product type shoot was the way to go to record my new capsule collection and have finally succumbed to a simple classic white back drop bridal shoot. The artistic shots I am accustomed to will have to wait!

But what an amazing result…These images tick all the boxes for me and hope they inspire all brides to be. I would like to think that it was not just the careful planning by Donna Grant and the exceptional skills of Rik young which resulted in top quality images that I am very excited about! It was also because we all enjoyed a great day of team work. Some product shots are only on mannequins or simply hung on a hanger! Hanna and Rosa are models Yes, but real women too; Hanna being a triathlon athlete! (She had a mark on her leg from a sports injury which i did not try and hide).

I would like to say a huge huge thank you to Rik photographer & actor, Donna (shoot co-ordinator and actress).

Photographer/Actor: Rik Young
Shoot Co-ordinate/Actress: Donna Grant
Hair & Make-up: Candy
Models: Hanna Frankson (triple jump athlete) @ MOT models and Rosa Frankis @ MOT models

All dresses are available to view by appointment.