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Miss Aniela Photo Shoot Workshop

How a photo shoot workshop experience can really work!

For those designers out there who can’t afford to hire their own model, make-up artist, accessories, venue, and stylist this is the best opportunity to get more than fantastic images.

The only sacrifice is that you have no say over artistic direction.

Designers such as Vivienne Westwood are known to be specifically obstinate regarding loaning out garments to be used for such shoots for fear of being miss represented.

The photographer ‘Arthakker’ who shot my changant taffeta (lilac and Gold) dress called ‘Scarlett’ went even further with his licence and completely changed the colour to bright magenta purple! I loved it and if I were not spending most of my time creating frocks I should become a photonshop expert! It would save how much time not having to re create the dress time after time! As previously mentioned… Some designers are not sure about this evasive artistic manipulation but I say bring it on! I am not that precious about my work… as long the image represents my brand correctly and I get credited!

My favourite image is called Chloe’s New Dress.

Chloe’s New Dress. HDR and Fashion Portrait Fusion. A sneak preview from the Fashion Shoot Experience with Miss Aniela For the latest credits please go to… Model: Chloe Jasmine-Whichello. Styling by Lauren Eva. Dress by Beyond Burlesque. Silver headpiece & necklace by Clea Broad. Hair & flower piece by Tati Zarubova. Make-up by Rhiannon Chalmers.

I must also credit Jess Eaton at ‘Road kill Couture’ for putting me forward to loan some dresses.

Another image made Vogue Italia! called The Waiting Princess by photographer Bernard Yeoh. Thank you for getting my dress in Vogue Italia…