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Feathers Are Bang On Trend

At last feathers in bridal wear have crept into the lime light! And I am BANG ON Trend!

I was once told by Nellee Hooper (music producer and pop icon in the 80’s) to “shelve my ideas for a year” because he understood as a fellow designer our ideas are too new fresh. If you bring an idea out too soon it will just get plagiarized by the big companies, watered down and mass produced in China. BUT if your timing is correct then your design gets the credit it deserves and so does your purse.

James Hare writes in the September news letter…

“Ivory is still the colour of choice for most brides but new textures and fabrics can add opulence and interest to a gown. To help you add a touch of vintage glamour to your wedding gown a soft downy feather Tulle is at the forefront of our latest collection.while this daring trend may not be for all brides, there are many ways you can incorporate sumptuous feathers into your wedding look. If you are not keen on a feathery train, then the perfect glamorous finishing touch for a winters gown, is downy feathers fluttering elegantly over the shoulders in a 1920’s inspired shrug.”

For those brides fully embracing the feather, I introduce Rio. The skirt part of the design has a metre wide panel of embroidery and feathers in the hem. The separate top is made of feathers mounted on a silk bustier.