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Chloe Jasmine Union Jack Dress

Congratulations to our lovely Chloe Jasmine and Steivi for coming 5th in the CBB this season.

The dress she wore on eviction night was specially designed for her by me in the 1950’s style in 100% silk. The top is corset based with shoulder swags and 5 metres of fabric in the skirt. The brief I had been given, apart from matching the colours in Stephens waist coat, was that it had to be 1950’s style.

I must admit primary colours make me go cold so this is why I instructed the shading in the roses and black emblems of love; doves, yin and yang, the cross and to show a little adversity the emblem of the Freemasons and three huge day of the dead sculls that were so large you couldn’t see them!

She actually wore the dress twice as she was so sure she was going to be evicted earlier! A huge thank you to my graphic designer James Del-Gatto and parcel force for getting the fabric to me so quickly!

However I feel that Big Brothers editing stinks! Chloe is a sensitive girl but she also highly intelligent, and has the most amazing sense of fun, humour and mischief which should have been highlighted.