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The Great


So proud to have been part of the costume department in the making of Says/corsets for the cast of ‘The great’.

Including Elle Fanning portraying ‘The Great Catherine’ and her pregnancy corset, as featured in Vogue.

A dichotomy indeed!

How on earth does one make a pregnancy corset I asked myself.

It all started when I had a phone call from the wardrobe dept from ‘The Great’ and I explained that I had made an ‘anti’ corset for Helen Mirren (padding her out) for the older C The G but still producing a corseted silhouette for the times.

Prior to this I had already made for season 1.

Season 1

Elle fanning ( Catherine)

Phoebe Fox ( Marial)

Season 2

Elle fanning

Charity wakefield (Georgina)

Gillian Anderson (Joanna)

Florence Keith roach (Tatanya)

However, all credits have to go to the outstandingly talented costume teams and designers, Emma Fryer for season 1, and Sharon long for season 2.

I do believe that Philip Martin, director of ‘ Catherine the great’, was the fore runner, who paved the way, for the success of the unscrupulous mischief of ‘The Great’. Both films are remarkable works.

Maja meschede is the Costume designer with the original vision, which featured Dame Helen Mirren and Gina McKee whom I also had the pleasure to work with.

The Great season 1 available on prime video; which I strongly advise to watch, but be prepared for a shock … it’s really very naughty!!

AND I’ve just found out that Series 2 is also available in the UK on Amazon prime 5th December. I am just giddy with excitement!!

If the puritans amongst you prefer the ‘by the book ‘ historic account then Phillip Martins film depicting the life of C the G, it’s just as delicious. Available on HBO and Sky.