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Why Go Bespoke

Top 10 tips when choosing your wedding dress.

1. Don’t Buy Your Dress a Year and a Half Before the Wedding

Buying your dress a year and a half before your wedding may appeal and is very organized, BUT take care that you may change your mind as fashions change! I know someone who ended up buying three dresses!! The first was a impulse sale gown. The second was purchased under serious pressure of the sales team. The third and final was a bespoke gown made to her full requirements (Guess which one got married in?)

2. Research is paramount.

Do not rush into buying your dress without lots of research. look online at all the different styles and try as many dresses on until you are completely satisfied with your choice.
So many potential customers rush to buy their dress and then regret when they eventually find me…and it’s too late!

3. Don’t Buy While Drinking Champagne

Do not be seduced into buying a gown after being plied with champagne (the shop assistants will say and do anything to get a sale!)

4. Never Priorities the Bridesmaids Dresses

Never give bridesmaid dresses priority, the bride always comes first…. you do not want your dress colour or cut to be dictated by the bridesmaids choice!

5. Leave Fitting One Month Before the Wedding

If you are going to loose weight leave your final dress fitting to one month before your wedding.

6. Don’t Buy the Fabric Beforehand

If you have chosen the bespoke route, do not buy your fabric beforehand. If you are lucky enough to get a designer or a seamstress making for you then leave it up to their expertise to help you choose your fabric; they will and should offer various trade options and competitive prices.

7. Take Plenty of Photos

Take as many pictures as you can to record your fittings. Bring a friend, sister or mother along for a second opinion.

8. Beware Taffeta!

Take care when the label says taffeta. Most wedding dresses made in china are 100% Polyester passed of as silk. Taffeta. The shop staff will also call it silk. You don’t want to sweat to death on your wedding day!

9. Get Your Foundation Wear Right

Consider your foundation wear carefully when choosing your dress. A loose fitting bias cut crepe or crepe backed satin dress is a potential hazard zone. These fabrics will exaggerate a multitude of lumps & bumps created by ill-fitting pants and bras. No one wants a VPL on their wedding day! A seamless body with built in bra could potentially save the day. Some brides wear big pants… some even no knickers at all! If you wear a G-string make sure it is flesh as white may possibly show through (if you have chosen a light coloured wedding dress.)

10. Bra

Many dresses have the corset base sewn in so you do not have to worry about as supportive bra. Of course if you want to enhance your silhouette I recommend chicken fillets (Breast enhancers). Terrible nickname for them but it appears a to be a universal phrase now!