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Q&A In Your London Wedding Magazine

This is the original copy submitted to the London brides magazine for the September/ October issue which is also going to be distributed at the National Wedding show at Earls court.


I’m very tall (5ft 11in) and have quite wide hips and shoulders. I’ve tried on loads of dresses in bridal boutiques but can’t find anything that suits me perfectly. I’m now planning to have my gown designed bespoke for me and wondered if you had any advice for what kind of style I should go for?


In my experience as a designer and bespoke maker your silhouette sounds amazing. You have the height of a super model and with all the curves to go with! Just because you are broad in the shoulder and hips does not mean you should dismiss many of the options available to you. As Vivienne Westwood once quoted it’s an illusion to be created. Your height and measurements are all relative.

You should opt for the full gown with a long train (which you would carry off amazingly with your height). My Taffeta Scarlett dress is corset based which will emphasize the waist wonderfully and balances out the silhouette with the off the shoulder asymmetric drape. Avoid the boat neck, which will make your shoulders look broader.

I would not go strapless unless you opt for a pashmina to be draped around your Shoulders. However spaghetti straps create a frame for a pretty neck and minimise big shoulders. If you are heavy busted then opt for a thicker strap as thin ones can create an unsightly red mark.

Keep it simple around your hips if you go for a mid calf length go for a 1940’s skirt hem and not 1950’s full circle. Avoid the 1920’s bias cut chiffon, as this tends to flatter people with less curves.

If you would like to show the curves of your hips you should even consider the Mermaid or widely known as the fish-tail because of your height this again would look amazing.
Also known as hourglass or figure-hugging, the mermaid shape is tightly fitted to the body and flares out from mid thigh or knee. The mermaid shape is ideal for curvy girls with balanced hip and bust measurements and this dress will bring out the Marilyn Monroe in you. If you want Hollywood glamour, this is undoubtedly it. Many of these off the peg styles are not boned and you have to make sure that you have good supportive underwear. My dress designs are all based on corsets, which make the most of your bust-line and waist. With no fuss fastenings, stretch side panels and strong zips.

And finally I do suggest to my clients to go for a colour and get your colours done by a professional. Not everybody can wear white or Ivory. Remember when you go bespoke you don’t have to have ivory!