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Holiday Dresses In Ibiza

We couldn’t miss the opportunity to stay at The Villa in Ibiza again, not only to soak up the positive vibes and the sunshine, but also to shoot the dramatic floaty dresses in my collection.

They proved to be the perfect holiday dresses; thrown into the suitcase and et voila! After just a shake and they were ready to wear! No ironing or steaming necessary!

Here are the results using two iphone 6’s shot by Nicky Vane-Ridley and Olivia Towers (Art director ).

Splendid sunshine for this time of the year and a refreshing salt water pool; so much better than chemical chlorinated pool. No need to wash out the bikini and my Distressed Aphrodite Dress which was shot in the pool!

Ingrid floated like an water angel or more appropriately a mermaid or siren.

Credit to Chrissie Buggy for the amazing food (Gambas Queen), Ingrid Borcova for being as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

And last but not least, Laura Thyer, model supreme, thank you & bisous!

This villa is the perfect location for getting away from it all, set in the hills of southern Ibiza.

#dreamteam I couldn’t have done it without you!