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Bratislava Fashion Week

A few months ago I was invited to show part of my collection at Bratislava Fashion Week hosted by Maria Rehakova. I had every reason to believe the professionalism of the set up from the images Ingrid had forwarded to me but I was totally overwhelmed by the professional approach and slick results.

I was picked up from the airport in a Jaguar driven by our own translator Branyo. We stayed two nights in the luxury Hilton double tree Hotel.

Whilst there I attended a press conference where journalists asked me and a few other designers questions. During the press call it became clear that the show was also a networking event helping students and business. The head of design at the University of Milan attended and is offering fashion students a chance to enter a competition to take the winning collection to New York fashion week.

The models came from Exit modeling agency in Bratislava. A great bunch!

A highlight was also being introduced to Andrew Garth The British Ambassador in Slovakia and Ivana Winbladh the senior trade advisor.

I want to say a huge thank you to Jazzy and Ruby from Blonde Electra who introduced me to Ingrid Borcova who used to be the Project Manager working closely with Maria Rehakova.

A huge thank you to Zuzana Czakova- project manager of BFW and not to forget the director of BFW; Mrs. Maria Rehakova.

Interview with me after the first show. Zuzana and I also appeared on the most popular breakfast show (scroll through the footage to 1.30).

Headdress and wonderful hair corsage by the talented Jess Eaton; Road Kill Couture @Eatonnott

Top hat by the Bettie Timbo for Bespoke Vintage castles.